About Us

Our Values

Our values create a sense of shared identity within Powerlink Solutions, defining what we stand for and how we do things. Values help us to work together within a team environment. We share information, insight and advice frequently, constructively and manage tough situations with courage and candour. Every employee is responsible for upholding these values and for making the workplace safe and exciting, challenging and diverse for themselves and their team mates.

Customer Focus

Service Excellence

People orientated

Our Team

We foster a team approach, while respecting and valuing individual differences. Our people are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience and to develop their own niche within Powerlink Solutions.

Employees receive regular feedback on performance and assistance in setting objectives for the coming year. We promote continuing education and support employees who wish to further their tertiary studies or undertake additional training courses related to their area of expertise. Managers are readily accessible to offer advice or assistance when required. Employees are encouraged to set goals and challenge themselves – confident in the knowledge that support is there if needed.


Above all, we act with integrity and respect. We consistently strive to uphold the highest professional standards and provide sound advice. Our decisions and actions must always be in line with moral principles and our values. This is what integrity means to us. We measure ourselves by this standard, and we hope that our stakeholders will measure us by the same standard. Compliance with all external and internal rules is an essential part of integrity and fundamental to our business.